The Ultimate Home Defense Shotgun




Here’s a preview of whats inside…


  • The secret of choosing the right shotgun for home protection. (Including the best brand, model and gauge… And which guns are good for both men and women.)
  • The FOUR most critical (I call them MUST HAVE) accessories for your home defense shotgun. (I show you my personal gun and show all three of these to you.)
  • The #1 most common mistake people make when using their shotgun for home defense (and how to make sure you never fall victim to making this easy mistake)
  • How a simple 2-inch wide strip of Velcro could mean the difference between life and death in a home invasion scenario
  • How to stun any home intruder without ever having to fire a single shot
  • The #1 shotgun ammunition for home defense. (We’ll cover birdshot, buckshot and slugs and which one I think you should have in your shotgun that’s like shooting a full magazine of AR-15 in just one single shotgun blast.)
  • The types of shotgun ammo you want to AVOID like the plague!
  • The best way to carry your shotgun when you think someone is in your house. (And the one thing you never, ever want to do.)
  • What NEVER to do to the appearance of your shotgun (at the risk of completely ruining your chance to stop a home intruder)
  • 12 gauge? 20 gauge? .410? Three simple steps to determine the best shotgun fit for you and your family.
  • The most important drills you should practice with your shotgun and how to do it safely.
  • How an old air-traffic-controller trick is the secret to safely firing your shotgun indoors
  • The fundamentals of shotgun fighting tactics & marksmanship so you’ll know the proper stance and grip if you ever have to use the gun to defend yourself.
  • How to avoid the “kick” of the shotgun. This secret will help you avoid a bruise on your shoulder and any discomfort when firing the gun.
  • Why you must be aware of shotgun “patterning” so you know what distances you can safely fire from. (I’ll show you actual targets I shot at the range to explain this critical topic.)
  • The tactics of dealing with multiple intruders in your home. (And how the shotgun works great if you ever find yourself in this situation.)
  • Save TONS of search time and WADS of money using my exact spec list – everything from slings to lights to stocks.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!


Of course, The Ultimate Home Defense Shotgun, like all our products here at UGAR, is 100% guaranteed. That means you don’t risk one cent of your hard-earned money. If you don’t like it, simply call or email us and you’ll receive a no hassle refund as soon as possible.