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Who is UGAR LLC?

Our core mission and purpose here at UGAR LLC is to help our readers become more self-reliant, more prepared and stay safer in today’s changing world. 

We deeply believe in the American ideals expressed in the 1st Amendment (our primary business is publishing information) and 2nd Amendment (we believe the 2nd Amendment protects the first!)

We accomplish this mission by publishing and producing high-quality information products and services, such as free email newsletters and blogs, along with selling eBooks, DVD’s and newsletters that share the best self-reliance and self-defense information available anywhere.

Some of this information is controversial, we call it “underground” info because not everybody knows about it…

But we believe every Prepared American deserves to have this knowledge!

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The latest in Self-Defense

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    Former NRA head Wayne LaPierre has had a rough last several years. Frankly, the NRA has been swamped with controversy and legal troubles for those years, too. Granted, many of those troubles are due […]

  • Stoeger’s Home Defense Shotgun: Double The Fun?

    Shotguns are fun. Sure, they have tons of uses, too, but, let’s be honest, they’re just a lot of fun to shoot. Now, most shotguns that you see are either single barrel or side-by-side double […]

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