The 3-Percenter Report


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This is our monthly, printed newsletter that gets delivered to your door each month 

Each month subscribers receive a printed newsletter in the mail and other resources where you’ll see everything from how to treat a broken limb in the bush to how to keep the NSA from listening to your phone calls… how to build a bunker in your backyard … the right type of firearms for home defense to how to avoid getting caught in a riot … what to pack in your car for emergencies to how much food you need to stockpile in your home.


What does the name “The 3-Percenter Report” mean?
It’s about American history …
The story dates back to 1775. During the American Revolution, you might be surprised to learn that those men and women fighting against the King’s tyranny were the tiniest of minorities.
In fact, the revolutionary forces never amounted, to more than three percent of the colonists.  
If you’re a “traditional” American, if you believe in the founding principles of liberty on which our nation and its Constitution were built, you may be noticing something lately. That is that you’re now considered, by your government and a growing population of useless, dead-weight “Americans,” to be one of the enemies.
Your government has, in fact, named you a potential domestic terrorist — you, and anyone else who might vote for a third party, who thinks the Tea Party might have a thing or two right, who have served in the military, or who just plain doesn’t hold with the left-wing nonsense that has invaded so much of our popular culture these days.
That’s right: The same party that hates your guns, hates the idea of you own guns, and does whatever it can to work around the Second Amendment and disarm you.
Maybe you’ve noticed more and more laws being passed that restrict what you can own. These are laws designed to make you a criminal through some legislative fiat, not because you actually did something wrong.
What it all boils down to is that traditional Americans, the kind of men and women who took up arms to fight the tyranny of the English monarchy, are a vanishing minority.
We, the 3-Percenters, the patriotic Americans, the men and women who believe in liberty and in the Constitution, are an endangered species. We’re fighting a losing battle. We’re climbing uphill and all the odds are stacked against us.
And yet, that’s exactly what the Founding Fathers faced.
Here at the 3-Percenter Report, we are proud to fight alongside you!